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We all know how hot it gets in Austin! Don't be caught in the heat. Start your Sunday's in August on the ice!

The four week mini-league will start on August 2 and end on August 23. Games will be held on Sunday and start at 9:30 a.m..

Help the Lone Star Curling Club grow and become a member!

Read the FAQ for more details and then sign-up!

We curl at Chaparral Ice. They are located in the back of Northcross Shopping Mall which is located at 2525 West Anderson Lane.

Arena National Championship

The Arena National Championship just completed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on July 19th. Our women’s team went 2-3 and our men’s team went 3-3. The women’s team from San Francisco and the men’s team from Dallas won! Congratulations to all the teams involved.


July 16 8 a.m. – Jones 10 – Deresinski 0

July 16 5 p.m. – Jones 3 – Walsh 9

July 17 11 a.m. – Jones 7- Myers 6

July 18 8 a.m. – Jones 3- Paisley 9

July 18 2 p.m. – Jones 2 – Mallett 7

July 16 5 p.m. – Russell 4 – King 7

July 17 8 a.m. – Russell 5 – Penney 9

July 17 4 p.m. – Russell 7  – Ngo 6

July 17 10 p.m. – Russell 11 – Steinhauser 4

July 18 2 p.m. – Russell 9- Nordine 8

July 18 8 p.m. – Russell 2 – McElwee 7


Lauri Jones, Jennifer Asis, Denise Grogan, Kelly Kozlovsky

Ed Wilts, Robert Guydosh, Buck Krawczyk and Landon Russell.


We answer many of the questions you may have about the Lone Star Curling Club in our FAQ.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Lone Star Curling Club read the FAQ and then fill out the membership form. You can always contact our membership director, Kelly Kozlovsky for more information.

Want to Curl, but can’t commit to a League

We almost always need some spares (substitute curlers) for our league games. Sign-up to be notified when we need spares..

Interested In Curling?

Check out the information on the Learn-To-Curl page including signing up to be notified when we are holding them, or better yet, come see it first hand.

A New Look for the Lone Star Curling Club

We have been busy this past year. This past May, Chaparral Ice took down the ice and we were able to install new curling rings. We now have 5 sets of curling rings which should be great. We should no longer struggle in seeing the rings and hopefully the ice is better than ever. We also have new hacks! Thanks all who took part in sponsor-a-hack! And finally we created new scoreboards. Gone are the whiteboards and felt markers. Thanks again to Buck and Joe!

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have helped increase membership. We had over four hundred learn-to-curlers come and take a class. Forty or so of those learn-to-curlers curled in our first ever evening league in the month of April! Many of these new curlers are still curling in leagues almost one year later.

Why Curling?

During the 2010 Winter Olympics, television viewers watched more curling than any other sport. Why is curling so popular? Because it’s fun, competitive, challenging and anyone can do it. The Lone Star Curling Club invites you to come visit us on anytime we are curling.


The Lone Star Curling Club was founded in 2006, in Austin, Texas and is an affiliate of the United States Curling Association. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about curling and encourage you to contact our club to find out more about this great sport. Regardless of age, whether you’re 16 or 86, curling is for everyone and previous curling experience is not required in order to participate.