How do You Display Your Curling Pride?


If you are a seasoned curler or just starting out, you most likely have one or several treasured bling items called pins!  There are serious collectors who dedicate years of their time and finances displaying their prized collections of thousands at museums and curling venues across North America.  Then there are those who modestly exhibit their prized memorabilia on personal items, their curling jackets, hats, or bags.  Pins are a great conversation starter when socializing!  Stories are excitedly shared when asked about a particular club pin and how it was obtained.  Pins can be exchanged during bonspiels, or given as gifts to visiting club members from across the country.  Serious collectors continue to search for the elusive and exclusive pins that hopefully, one day, will complete their collection.

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As a Lone Star Curling Club member, we hope you will flaunt your “curling bling” wherever you travel and on whatever display medium works for you.  This is your “story board” to share with other curlers and non-curlers, your unique game experiences, and encourage them to encounter their own.

To commemorate the year of 2016, the Lone Star Curling Club 10th Anniversary, each club member will be given a new 10th anniversary pin to either start or add to their collection.  Wear it, swap it, or trade it with Lone Star pride!

How will you boast about your curling happenings through your pin collection?  We would like to catch a glimpse of and listen to your unique Lone Star Curling Club pride.  See you on the ice!

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