Introduction to Wayne’s Game

As some of the Lone Star Curling Club members may be aware, my wife Ramona & I recently relocated to Austin from Pittsburgh, PA. While we lived there, we helped to found the Pittsburgh Curling Club in 2002. Prior to that, we lived in Western Canada, and had curled for some 25 years.

The development of the Pittsburgh Curling Club closely parallels that of the Lone Star Curling Club. As here, one of the challenges was to educate and train our members on the sport. This included persons who had never curled before, through to persons who had curling experience, but were new to arena ice curling. In an effort to assist with this, I wrote a column on their web site titled “Wayne’s Game.”

I will be writing the similar articles for the Lone Star Curling Club. Some of these will be copied from my earlier Pittsburgh columns (I think it’s okay to plagiarize myself), and others will be new topics based on things I see from our league curling. As well, I would be interested in suggestions on any curling topics that members would like my input on.

My view is that the main objective of curling is to have fun. However, with practice and a few pointers, you can develop your skills. This will usually enhance your enjoyment of the sport, and help to reduce some of the inevitable frustrations that come with playing on ice. Feel free to give them to me on Sundays, or email me at

Good curling !!

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