Spirit of Curling

Curling is a game of skill and traditions.
Curlers play to win but never to humble their opponents.
A good curler NEVER attempts to distract an opponent.
A curler never deliberately breaks a rule or any of its traditions. But, if a curler should do so inadvertently and be aware of it, he or she is the first to divulge the breach.
The spirit of the game demands good sportsmanship, and honorable conduct.
Shake hands and say “Good Curling” before a match.
Shake hands after saying “Good game” after a match.
Only the thirds decide the score. Everyone else on each team will stay outside of the house.
Sweepers walk down the sides of sheet out of the view of the thrower and skip.
Sweepers stand to the sides of the house so the thrower can see the broom.
Never walk across a sheet in front of a thrower.
If you burn a rock (touch it with your broom), say so.
Have the rock ready for the thrower on the other team.
As soon as the thrower clears the hack, be in position for your throw, keep the game moving.
Don’t argue with each other during a game, the skip is the captain. Chat after about any misunderstandings.
If you want to point out an error concerning a player on the opposing team tell your skip to mention it to their skip.
Make sure your shoes are clean before you step on the ice.
Curling is a POLITE sport. Sportsmanship is first, winning second.

Good Curling!

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