Bonspiel Fun

My son Jono, who is 17, and I have been curling for the last two years in Austin. I got back into it after the 2010 Olympics; before that I had curled many, many (ok, too many) years ago in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor. They held the U.S. Men’s Nationals there in ’73? Or was it ’74? The memory has faded but not the love of the sport.

To be able to curl in Central Texas has been ridiculously fun. But it’s not just getting back on the ice and curling, which would be more than enough. No, it’s given us a chance to spend time together every Sunday morning competing, socializing and improving our games. Afterwords, we analyze our efforts over brunch. If only we could get more ice time to work on those improvements.

Last weekend, we competed together in our first bonspiel, the Texas Open in Dallas. The Dallas club did an outstanding job putting the event together with teams from all over the U.S. and Canada competing. We played in the golf outing on Friday morning, then had two games Friday evening and two on Saturday. While we didn’t win the curling competition, we walked away with something more. A weekend together having a blast competing, meeting new friends from other clubs (love the Canadians), and learning from those who’ve been curling for dozens of years.

But the best part was spending time with my son. With all the time demands and craziness in our daily lives, it’s rewarding when you have a weekend of quality time doing something you both love and can share. These times will  be cherished.

Yay for curling!

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