September 14, 2012

Fall 2012

League Championship

The Fall 2012 champion was skipped by Landon Russell, Darin Henley was the third, Brian Meyers was the second and Amy Velchoff was the lead! They beat the Newgord team with a final score of 4-3 in a low scoring battle.

See all of the past league champions of our league.

Fall 2012 League

[standings league_id=12]

[matches league_id=12]

Skip Third Second Lead
David Danenfelzer John Myers Crystal Murray Terie Anderson
Dennis Dunn Joe Glaeser Carl Beller Greg Keller
Wayne Garman Lauri Jones Darlene Barnes Allan Walker
Christina Gilsbach Pat Popovich Randy Sabbagh Tim Labadie
Matthew Brooks Karen Jennings Michelle Richter Beth Brooks
Michael Slosky Jonathan Bell Jim Velchoff Debbie Velchoff
Gary Newgord Buck Krawczyk Alix Frank Tisha Woods
Ken Poklitar Jason Dixon Robert Wood
Landon Russell Darin Henley Brian Meyers  Amy Velchoff
Jeff Waldrop Jono Krawczyk Tim Given Robert Guydosh


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