January 2, 2014

Mini-Winter 2014

Congratulations to the Slosky team who won big over the Russell team. Mike Slosky skipped, Jim Velchoff was 3rd, Deb Velchoff was 2nd and Clara Showalter was the lead.

The mini-league has 2 4-team divisions.

Division Erika Brown

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Michael Slosky  Jim Velchoff  Debbie Velchoff Clara Showalter 6
John Myers  Joe Glaeser  Chris Doremus  Nathan Doremus 6
Wayne Garman  Darin Henley  Brandt Hacker  Jarod Henley 6
Buck Krawczyk  Robert Guydosh  Tisha Woods  Peter Eckert 0

Division John Shuster

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Landon Russell  Pat Popovich  Ed Wilts Jennifer Asis 6
Dennis Dunn  Zac Grantham  Darlene Barnes  Alix Frank 4
Ken Poklitar  Jared Kearby  Alex Petak Jacob Pereira 4
Jim Smith  Jason Dixon  Robert Wood Stephen McIntrye 3


Each team plays the other three teams in their own division. Due to the missed week, the top team in each division will play each other and the 2nd place team will play each other, the 3rd place team will play each other and the last place team will play each other.

In the Erika Brown division, Slosky won the tiebreaker over Myers and Garman. Krawczyk finished in last.

In the John Shuster divison, Russell won the division, Dunn won the 2nd place tiebreaker over Poklitar. Smith finished in last.

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