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Lone Star Curling Club

1) Where do you curl?

  • We curl at Chaparral Ice. The address is 2525 W. Anderson Lane Austin, TX 78757.

2) Who runs the Lone Star Curling Club?

  • We are a 501c(3) non profit organization that is run via volunteers. The list of the current board can be found here.
  • Ken Poklitar is the current President.
  • Buck Krawczyk is the current Vice President.

3) How can I contact someone on the board?

  • Our contact information can be found here.



1) How can I get notified about upcoming Learn to Curl sessions?

  • Sign-up to be notified when we schedule a Learn to Curl session.

2) How much does it cost?

  • Learn To Curls are $30 for a full session. Please check to see if we have a current learn-to-curl available and then register and come out and learn to curl!

3) What do I need to bring to the Learn to Curl session?

  • Equipment:
    • You do not need to bring any special equipment although some people do use knee pads. All other equipment is provided.
  • Clothing:
    • Being warm on the ice is important. Wear  several layers of loose fitting clothes ( you can always take off a jacket or sweater if you get too warm).
    • Athletic pants ( sweats are fine)  are recommended  and allow you better range of motion than jeans.
    • It is very important to wear flat soled sneakers or rubber soled shoes.
    • Recommend bringing a pair of gloves, and possibly a wool hat/stocking cap.
  • Please fill out the waiver forms listed below.

4) Each adult in your group should download and fill out the adult waiver.

5) An adult should download and fill out the under 18 child waiver for any children in your group.

6) How often do you have classes?

  • We usually have learn-to-curls 2 to 3 times a year, often just prior to a league starting and at some point in the summer.

7) Can my company send a group to learn to curl?

  • The best opportunity for a large group to learn to curl is when we have a scheduled learn to curl session. Send an email to our membership director to find out when we have an upcoming learn to curl session.
  • It is possible that we could set up a corporate event for some team building. Send an email to Buck Krawcyzk to see if we can work out an available time for your group.



1) How can I get notified about upcoming curling opportunities?

  • Sign-up to be notified when we schedule a new league or any other curling event.

2) How much does curling cost?

  • Curling costs about $25 per game. The majority of the cost is cost of renting the ice.

3) Do I need to become a member of the Lone Star Curling Club to curl?

  • Everyone who wants to curl in a regular league (10+ games) must be a member.
  • The membership fee is paid once a year and runs from September 1st until August 31st
  • Two levels of membership. FULL and FREE.
    • Annual dues are $60 for FULL (21+)
    • Annual dues are $30 for JUNIOR (Under 21)
    • Ages are as of September 1st
  • Members have the following benefits:
    • FULL/JUNIOR Members are allowed to purchase and play in all(*) leagues that the Lone Star Curling Club holds.  (*) Occasionally we will hold mini-leagues that are meant for new members only.
    • FULL/JUNIOR members do have access to liability insurance and medical accident coverage if they hurt themselves during an on-ice curling event.
    • FULL/JUNIOR members are subscribed to the Curling News (one per household).
    • FULL/JUNIOR members are given a Lone Star Curling Club name tag.
    • FULL/JUNIOR members become members of the United States Curling Association since Lone Star Curling Club is a member club.
    • FULL/JUNIOR Members can spare for $25 a game (sign-up to be a substitute curler). If you are already in the league the cost is only $10.
    • FULL members are given full voting rights and are eligible to hold positions on the board.
    • Prices for JUNIOR membership and curling is often discounted.

4) How do I become a member of the Lone Star Curling Club?

  • Follow the steps on the Join Us page.
    • Choose either the JUNIOR or FULL link on the Join Us page.
    • Click on the Add to Cart after verifying you are signing up for the correct level of membership.
    • You will now be shown a shopping cart. Make sure the payment method is correct. You can pay by PayPal or you can make a manual payment.
      • If you selected PayPal, press the checkout button and then you will be sent off to PayPal to make your payment. Once the payment is complete you will be redirected to a Thank You page.
      • If you selected Manual, press the checkout button and then you will be sent to a Manual Payment Page. Fill out the information about how you plan to make your manual payment. You will be redirected to a Thank You page.
    • At this point you need to go to your email. You will get an email with the subject “Complete your registration”. Once you click on the registration link, you will be redirected to a Registration page. Please fill in all the registration information. Note you can update the majority of the details at a future point.
    • If you did a manual payment, you will receive one additional email about your manual payment, giving you our current mailing address.
    • You now can login and at that point you will be sent to the Member Portal.
    • You are now a member of the Lone Star Curling Club!
  • If you are upgrading from a FREE member make sure you are logged in, and then after you make your payment and are redirected to the Thank You page, you can login and then you need to update your member profile.
  • If you are creating memberships for multiple family members, each member must have their own account and each must use a different email address. Please complete each membership one at a time.

5) What type of equipment do I need to purchase to curl?

  • None. Rocks, hacks, brooms and sliders are provided. Optional equipment that you may want to purchase at some point include shoes, brooms, equipment bags and gloves.

6) How do I sign up for a league?

  • The Curling Opportunities page will always be up to date with what is available for sale.
  • Once you are a member and signed on, your Member Portal will contain the ability to purchase league curling.

7) How long are the games?

  • Most games are scheduled for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Setup starts 10-15 minutes before the scheduled game time and takes 25-30 minutes. The actual game takes about 2 hours to complete. After the game there is about 10 minutes of clean up time.

8) How often will I get to play?

  • Mini-leagues are typically 4 weeks long. Regular leagues last about 3 months and usually include 11 or 12 games.
  • Once the league is ready to start we create a league page that shows the standings and actual schedule.
  • Depending on the number of teams, there may be some bye weeks for each team.

9) How are teams formed?

  • Teams are formed by the club to keep even competition. Players can request to be placed with other players and those requests are generally honored.

10) Can I form my own team?

  • Yes, but it is best to work with the club to get a competitive team, and for beginners it is best to be placed with experienced curlers to help learn the game and have more fun.
  • We have had cases where 4 new players formed a team and were successful.

11) What are the leagues like?

  • The leagues are social, fun and offer good competition, a round robin format allows you to interact with all the club members.

12) Is there practice time?

  • Typically no. There is no practice before the games, occasionally the club may have ice time or special events that allow for practice. Many of our members start league play after a single Learn To Curl session and picked up the game through actual play.

13) Can I have someone’s phone number to ask questions?

  • Please send a note to our membership director with your phone number and best time to call and someone will call you.


Fall League (2016)

1) Disclaimer

  • The following information is accurate as of July 13, 2016.
  • It is possible that we may need to adjust the number of games played based on the final number of teams.
  • If the number of games is reduced, the cost would be reduced and we would issue refunds of the extra money paid.

2) How is the league going to be structured?

  • This will assume 12 teams are in the league.
  • Each team will play 10 regular games over a 12 week time frame. Each team gets 2 byes. The regular games will take place on September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, December 4.
  • The season will end on December 11th with the playoffs. Note, only the top ten teams make the playoffs. Players on the teams that do not make the playoffs will get to spare on December 11th for free if spots are available.

3) What time are league games?

  • September 11, 18 games will start at 9:30 a.m. and end at 11:45 a.m.
    • Setup before the game will begin between 9 and 9:15.
    • Ends should not start after 11:30.
    • If your team does not have a legal team as of 9:45 a.m., you will lose by default.
    • Games are a maximum of 8 ends.
  • The remaining games will start at 10:15 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m.
    • Setup before the game will begin between 9:45  and 10.
    • Ends should not start after 12:15.
    • If your team does not have a legal team as of 10:30 a.m., you will lose by default.
    • Games are a maximum of 8 ends.

4) How much is the Fall League going to cost?

  • The League is going to cost $260 for senior/adult members
  • The League is going to cost $175 for junior/youth members
  • There is no extra PayPal fee being charged if you pay on-line.
  • The cost to spare for league members who are on a bye is $10.

5) How do I sign-up for the Fall League?

  • The first step is to make sure you are member of the Lone Star Curling Club.
  • The second step is to fill purchase the league from the Member Portal.

6) How do I guarantee a spot in the Fall League?

  • The first 48 people to sign-up will be guaranteed a spot. Payment is due on September 1st. If you have not paid on September 1st it is possible your spot will be taken. We will warn you ahead of time if that is going to happen
  • We will allow more than 48 people to sign-up. After 48 people we will let you know that you are on the waiting list. You can still become a member and plan to spare as often as possible. We almost always need 2-4 spares each week. The cost to spare is $30 per game for non-league members.
  • If you happened to pay for the league but there is not room in the league for you, we will issue you a full refund.

7) How will the Lone Star Curling Club communicate league information to the players?

  • You will be automatically enrolled in a league email list that will receive weekly emails during league play
  • You will be enrolled in a curling email list that receive notifications when curling leagues are announced
  • You will have always have an opportunity to unsubscribe to the emails although it is not recommended during league play
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