May 28, 2014


Our original hacks were purchased when the club first started up several years ago. Installing and removing the hacks each week has put a lot of wear and tear on them. Landon was able to prolong the life of them which helped us a lot.

We discussed getting new hacks but we were not prepared to spend $1400 for all ten hacks. At our year-end party last year we mentioned needing new hacks and a few people mentioned they would purchase a set. So we decided to have sponsors for each of the hacks. Each hack has a small engraved plate attached that each sponsor was able to come up a short message.

The following image is what our new hacks look like.



Thanks to all of you for sponsoring a hack!

Debbie and Jim Velchoff

To new friends,
fun and curling
Velchoffs 4

Debbie and Jim Velchoff

To new friends,
fun and curling
Velchoffs 4

Bobby Wood and Jason Dixon

Making skips look
bad since 2010
Bobby Wood & Jason Dixon

Ramona and Wayne Garman

Good Curling!
Ramona & Wayne Garman

Darlene Barnes

Darlene Barnes

Jono and Buck Krawczyk

Keep Austin Weird. Go Curl!
Jono & Buck Krawczyk

Randy Sabbagh

Pat Popovich Memorial Hack

Randy Sabbagh

Melvis was here, EH!

Darin Henley

Go big,
or go home.
– The Henleys

Landon Russell

Hey – watch where
you put your foot!
Landon paid for this hack.

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