February 14, 2017

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Reading the Ice

As a curler who grew up playing on curling club ice, it was a learning experience to adjust to curling on arena ice. Nothing else can quite generate more ice slapping, looks of bewilderment and frustration as arena ice. It is quite common to hear comments such as “what the h*** happened to that shot Read more about Reading the Ice[…]

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The Hitting Game

There are a number of different types of shots in curling. However, none seems to get as much attention as the take out shot. There is nothing quite like the sound and feel of a rock solidly striking another rock. And as anyone who has played me has seen, I love to hit, especially on Read more about The Hitting Game[…]

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Throwing the Big Weight

Ice quality is a major concern to all curlers. Arena ice presents its own set of unique characteristics. The keenness or heaviness of the ice is due to many factors such as the temperatures of the both the rink and the ice, the humidity in the air, the temperature of the rocks, the amount and Read more about Throwing the Big Weight[…]

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