September 20, 2018

Rock Report

This report is a summary of testing of our rocks as to distance and curl. This page will be updated as new information becomes available. Because of the limitations of our ice and testing capabilities, only rocks that are significantly off are reported, and any numbers provided are approximate and for guidance only. No curl information is provided based on the limited number of trials available for analysis.

The number provided is the estimated feet gained (+) or lost (-) for that rock compared to the average for the set.

All listed rocks are shown as their current number designation, not the designation at the time of the test.

A Rocks
Yellow 1 (-15)
Red 4 (+5); Red 6 (+5); Red 7 (+6); Red 8 (-4)

B Rocks
Yellow 1 (-5); Yellow 2 (-5); Yellow 3 (-5)
Red 1 (-10); Red 2 (+5); Red 5 (+8); Red 6 (+5); Red 8 (+8); *** Note that R3 and R1 were switched after testing so that R1 is the slow rock

C Rocks
No testing has been performed

D Rocks
Yellow 1 (-5); Yellow 2 (untested); Yellow 7 (+5), Yellow 8 (+5)
Red 5 (+5), Red 6 (+6), Red 7 (+6), Red 8 (+5)
*** Note Red 4 was flipped after testing and has not been tested on its current side
*** Note D rocks were “papered” 9/21/18
*** Note, after 2nd test (9/28/18) Y2 became Y8, Y8 became Y3, Y3 became Y1, and Y1 was flipped and became Y2, R2 became R5 and R5 became R2

E Rocks
No testing has been performed

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