December 1, 2018

Austin’s New Curling Facility

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In 2006, a dedicated group of curling enthusiasts – mostly a few Canadian transplants to Central Texas – was determined to introduce this fine Scottish sport to Austin. And from these humble and often challenging beginnings, the Lone Star Curling Club is a well-established sport with year-round activities including multiple leagues, learn-to-curl events, and corporate events.

Now, we’re excited and proud to announce that the Lone Star Curling Club is ready to take the next step and build a facility entirely dedicated to curling!

This is a major milestone for curling in Texas as this will be the only dedicated facility in the state. With a new curling rink, the LSCC plans to elevate the sport on many levels:

  • More leagues (mixed, women’s, men’s) and opportunities to curl and practice at convenient times
  • Developing collegiate and high school curling leagues
  • Creating handicapped, senior and junior curling opportunities
  • Expanding access to corporate team-building events
  • Building competitive curlers to compete on a national and international level