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Knowing your Role on the Team

2011 November 20
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by KenPoklitar

What are the different roles?

  • Shot making – Each person makes 2 shots an end.  Your delivery is the most technical aspect of the game of curling. It is something that can be practiced and improved. The more consistent your delivery is, the more likely the result of your shot is going to be positive.  The skip will communicate the turn, the weight and the line of the shot that is required but you need to make the shot.
  • Sweepers – The sweepers themselves are responsible for judging the weight of the stone, ensuring the length of travel is correct and communicating the weight of the stone back to the skip. The people closest to the rock has the best ability to judge the weight. The sweepers also need to be aware of the shot called.
  • Line calling – The skip evaluates the path of the stone and calls to the sweepers to sweep as necessary to maintain the intended track.
  • Shot calling – The skip is the in-game strategist for the team. The skip is the person who makes the decision what shot is called. The skip needs to communicate this information to the person making the shot.  The skip needs to be aware of the strength and weakness of each of his teammates and take that into account when calling a shot. The skip also needs to be confident enough to be willing to take advice when necessary. Watch your opponent’s shots.

After each shot, each player needs to review how they performed their role. A shot may have been missed because of any or all of the roles being performed poorly. A shot can be throw perfectly but if the sweeping, line calling or shot calling was not done correctly, the result will be a miss instead of a perfect shot.

If you have weaknesses in one or more roles, how do  you improve?

  1. Watch and talk to better players. What are they doing different compared to you? Don’t be afraid of asking for advice. Communicate with your teammates.
  2. Practice when possible. For shot-making, practicing your delivery is more important than playing a practice game.
  3. Read about curling. There is some good information on the internet.
  4. Watch curling. The Canadian will show a lot of curling starting in February. Watching some of these games will make you amazed and it will seem like they are playing a different game.


US Men’s Senior Championships

2011 November 13
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by KenPoklitar


Nov. 10, 2011 – U.S. Senior National Championships on tap in North Dakota

(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) – As the 2011/12 competitive season continues, 25 senior teams will compete
to earn the right to represent the U.S. at the upcoming World Senior Championships. Eighteen men’s
teams, age 50 and over, will compete at the Capital Curling Club in Bismarck, N.D., for the 2012 USA
Curling Senior Men’s National Championship title on Nov. 30 – Dec. 4.

The men’s field includes the 2010 senior world gold medalists, led by Paul Pustovar of Hibbing, Minn.
Also skipping is tw0 – time U.S. senior champion David Russell (LaCrosse, Wis.).Last year’s Senior
Nationals runnerup Phil DeVore (Superior, Wis.), who earned a silver medal at the 2011 world senior
championships as alternate for Team USA, is back for another chance to lead the U.S. The men’s teams
will be split into three pools for a divisional round robin with a double knockout provision with six teams
advancing to the quarterfinals.

Seven ladies teams will compete from Dec 2 -4 on the four sheet Grafton Curling Club in Grafton, ND.
The women’s field features the defending U.S. senior champions led by Margie Smith (St. Paul, Minn.)
as well as tw0 – time U.S. senior champions Pam Oleinik (Brookfield, Wis.), Sharon Vukich (Seattle)
and Anne Wiggins (Hendersonville, N.C.). The women’s format will be a round robin with a double
knockout provision.

The winning teams will represent the U.S. at the 2012 World Senior Championships, which will take
place April 14 – 21 in Tärnby, Denmark. Live scoring from both senior national championships will be
posted on the USA Curling website ( through its partnership with
CurlingZone. Webstreaming plans are tentative.


The Knack to Sweeping

2011 November 12
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by BuckKrawczyk

Proper sweeping can add as much as 6-8 feet in length to the stone in the last 1/3 of the sheet. Sweeping earlier adds even more length – often as much as 10-12 feet. That could extend the stone the entire length of the house. But don’t take my word for it. The University of Western Ontario conducted research for Canadian Olympic team on the effects of sweeping prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics. In addition to how far sweeping will send the stone, here’s what else they found:

• A 45 – 90 degree angle is best for sweeping in front of the stone, i.e., wider is better as it maximizes the surface area covered. So when you’re sweeping, keep the head of the broom horizontal (90°) to the front of the stone – or at a 45° angle max.

• The area three feet in front of the stone is the optimum area for sweeping. Keep it as close to the stone as possible.

• The outside sweeper begins the warming process allowing the inside sweeper to create even more heat in front of the stone.If the sweepers are outside the three-foot zone, the effects are generally lost. The second sweeper warms up the ice for the first sweeper, . When done effectively in tandem, it optimizes the length the stone will travel. Adding a third sweeper adds little to no additional effect on the stone.

• Keep your broom as clean and dry as possible.

Welcome to

2011 October 11
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by KenPoklitar

Welcome to the new website! We’ve been working over the past few months to give the LSCC website a fresh look and add some new areas of content to the site.

Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for enhancing the site further. Big thanks to Ken Poklitar and Cody Dempsey for their many hours getting this set up and transferring content to this site.

Open House Successful

2011 September 12
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by KenPoklitar

Our open house on September 11th was very successful. We had 2 sheets dedicated to the many people who showed up to learn our wonderful game of curling. Thanks to Pat and Landon who were the primary trainers for the new curlers. Also thanks to the others who also helped including Dave, Dennis and Christina and anyone else I missed.

We also had a few practice games on the other 2 sheets of ice.

Next up is Learn To Curl on September 18th.

See some pictures here!

Austin Curling Center in the News

2011 September 12
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by KenPoklitar

Upcoming Curling

2011 September 7
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by KenPoklitar

We are having an Open House ($5 per person) on September 11, 2011 (9:30am – 11:45am). We welcome new and old curlers!

We will have a Learn To Curl ($20 per person) session on September 18, 2011 (9:30am – 11:45am)

Our Fall 2011 session of curling begins on September 25.

Board Members

2011 August 28
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by KenPoklitar

Congratulations to our newly elected board members:

Wayne Garman – President
Rob Klien – Vice President

Dennis Dunn, Buck Krawczyk, Ken Poklitar, Pat Popovich, Michelle Richter, Landon Russell, Randy “Melvis” Sabbagh, Uly Suchil

Only 2 Months to Curling

2011 July 10
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by KenPoklitar

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Can you believe that our curling season ended almost 3 months ago??!! The club’s board has been hard at work planning for the new season.

The following are the board positions for the 2011 / 2012 season:

    • § Vice President – Rob Klein
    • § Treasurer – Landon Russell
    • § Secretary – Michelle Richter
    • § Membership – Randy Sabbagh
    • § Communications and Web Site –Buck Krawczyk
    • § Special Events – Uly Suchil
    • § Pro Shop – Michelle Richter & Pat Popovich
    • § Competition – Ken Poklitar


  • § V My thanks to the past year’s board members who did not seek or were not re-elected to the board at the May annual meeting. This includes Bill McBeth, Christina Gilsbach, Darlene Barnes, and Zac Grantham. The strength of this club is its volunteers, and your efforts were very much appreciated.

Plans are well underway for the new season. The preliminary schedule starts with an Open House on Sept. 11. If you have any friends or acquaintances interested in curling, this would be the opportunity for them to give curling a try. An education and practice session is planned for Sept. 18, and the first league games would be on Sept. 25. The Fall season will run through to Dec. 18, with the Winter season starting again on January 9 and running till April 1. Games will be at the same time as years past, Sundays 9:30AM to 11:45 AM, at the Chaparral Ice facility on Anderson Lane. Watch your email for membership signup and more details.

For those of you in summer curling withdrawal, the club is looking to hold a practice session. This is tentatively planned for Sunday, August 14 from 9:30AM to 11:45AM. This will be an open ice session, so you can practice or pickup games. Pat Popovich is coordinating the event. It will require a minimum of 25 persons, so watch your email for sign up information.

Probably the most exciting development for the club this season will be the construction and opening of the Austin Curling Center (ACC). Anita and Dennis are working hard on making their dream a reality. Their target for opening is the Spring of 2012.

Another event in the planning stage is the 2012 Texas Open Bonspiel (TOB). Our club has committed to host this event, and if plans come together, it will be first major event held at the ACC. Ken Poklitar has accepted the position of bonspiel chairman. He has compiled a detailed list of activities and ideas for the bonspiel. This is a major event for our club, and will require much time and effort from the membership. There will be many opportunities to volunteer and help out with the event. Watch your email for the organizational meeting.

As always, please contact me if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms. I welcome your input. First rocks in the new season are less than 2 months away!!!!!

Curling in 2011

2011 January 3
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by KenPoklitar

Hope everyone had a good time over the Christmas & New Years holidays.

The curling club’s Winter season will begin soon with the first games on January 16. If you have not already done so, please let Christina know if you will be curling. Payment of $220.00 is due by January 9. This can be sent either to club treasurer, Landon Russell, or payment can be made on the club’s web site.

On Sunday, January 9, we will be holding an education session. This will be a chance for everyone to improve their curling skills, and I encourage all to attend. There will be sessions ranging from a Learn to Curl, Intermediate curling training, a practice sheet and an open forum sheet. Dennis will also be holding a session on stick delivery.

The charge will be $20.00 per person, and will be at our regular time from 9:30AM to 11:45AM. Pat, Zac and Landon are coordinating this session, so feel free to email questions or suggestions to them.

I will be handling the open forum sheet. I do not have any specific topics to cover, but instead will answer questions on any curling topics you want to discuss. Whether it is delivery, sweeping, strategy or rules, ask whatever you want and I will try to answer or demonstrate.

To help prepare for this, please email me ( any topics or questions you would like to cover. This will give me a chance to research and print out some reference information that I can hand out.

As a reminder, the Texas Open Bonspiel will be held in Dallas from April 29 to May 1. Watch their web site ( ) for details. The entry form should be posted sometime early in the new year. Last year the bonspiel filled up, so get your entries in early.

On another note, we recently heard that one of the people involved in the founding of the Lone Star Curling Club, Alex Legault, passed away in a traffic accident recently. Although Alex has not been involved with the club over the past few years, his efforts during the early years of the club were very helpful to get our club going.

As always, feel free to email suggestions, questions or ideas. All the best in 2011 and see you on the ice!!